Employment opportunities

Small Groups & Women's Ministry Director

This new position draws together two discipleship foci at NKMB.  Small Groups have been a part of NKMB for many years.  The priority is the forming and resourcing of more small groups, in an effort to build connections in our growing community and to lead people into deeper discipleship.  The women's ministry consists of five lay leadership teams, who lead Bible studies and plan annual events like the Christmas and Spring Teas.  The Bible studies have drawn over 100 women in the past year.  These initiatives will benefit greatly from mentoring and our hope is that these ministries will expand in reach and discipleship. 


Job description: 

  • Develop and support leaders of small groups
  • Coordinate and provide support for women's ministry volunteers and programming
  • One on one mentoring of women

Skills and gifting

  • networking
  • mentoring
  • organization

Resume may be sent by email to info@nkmb.org or by mail to the church - 1315 Gateway Road, Winnipeg, MB R2G