This Good Friday Worship Experience is designed for active participation. Each section includes a short video intro, a scripture reading which we would encourage you to read out loud, an activity that you can do on your own or with the people in your household, and some time to reflect or discuss.


Open Bible to John 14: 1-14

You will need:



Eat the cracker and drink the juice and remember what Jesus did for all of us.

Talk about the conversations that may have taken place around the table.


Open Bible to Mark 14:32:42

You will need:

-Ribbon or string

Tie the ribbon or string around your wrist and let it be a reminder over the next few days that you are never alone and that Jesus is always with you.


Open Bible to John 19:12-18

You will need:

-One piece of wood

-3 large nails


-Small pieces of paper


Feel the wood, Imagine how rough wood would feel against your skin. Take a small piece of paper and write your name, Jesus died on the cross for YOU. He took the pain of death for you, to forgive your sins. Nail this piece of paper with your name to the piece of wood, remembering that Jesus was nailed to the cross.


Open Bible to Luke 23:36-38

You will need:

-Small cup of red wine vinegar or plain vinegar

-Small pieces of sponge or paper towel

-Paper and pens

Take a moment to dip the sponge or paper towel in the vinegar and smell it for a moment. Is this something you would want to drink if you were thirsty?

What are the names you have called people in your life? Who have you mocked? Privately write that name down and carry that piece of paper with you today and pray for that person all day.


Open Bible to John 19:23-24

You will need:

-Some dice

-Piece of cloth

-Permanent marker

-Another Bible unopened

Take turns rolling the dice to see if you can roll the number 7. Once that number is rolled, take the marker and the scrap piece of cloth and write “ Thank you Jesus” On the piece of cloth. Find Psalm 22:18 in the Bible.


Open Bible to Luke 23:44-45 or Matthew 27:45-55 or Mark 15:33-39

You will need:

-Red marker

With the red mark place a dot on the palm of your hand and you can write your name above it if you would like. 

Read the passage and then look at your hand. Think about how it makes you feel. 

WONDER - It's daytime, But it is totally dark outside. Jesus is bleeding on the cross. Look at your hand, what comes to your mind? What does this make you think of?

Did you know, while our King was on the cross, Your face was in his eyes, Your life was on his mind, Your sin was on his back, Love of you was in his heart, for beloved, your name was written on his palm.


Open Bible to John 19:38-42

You will need:

-Spices you have around your house

-Piece of paper


Smell the spices as if they were the kind that may have been used to bury Jesus. Think how his friends felt as they cleaned and wrapped Jesus. Take a piece of paper and write WAIT, place that paper somewhere visible in your home and remember while we wait on God, He is always working.


Thank you for joining us. We hope this was a meaningful moment. We encourage you to spend the next few minutes in prayer as we close out this time of experiential worship.

We invite you to join us for our on-demand Easter Service on Sunday morning starting at 9:30 am.