Christmas Musical

A Christmas Musical for Kids Kindergarten to Grade 5 Musical will take place on Dec 17 at 6:30pm

Exciting things are happening in the small town of Bethlehem! Three siblings take a “behind the scenes” tour of the Christmas story. Fascinating and unexpected events lead them to discover the truth about Jesus’ birth. Although they try to stay out of the spotlight, they eventually realize that everyone plays an important role in the story of Christmas.

Behind the Manger Scenes is a Kids Christmas musical that gives kids a fresh look at the characters in the Christmas story and reminds everyone that God sent His Son for them.

Please fill out the registration form if your child plans to be part of this musical experience.

If you have any questions regarding the kids musical please contact

Choir Rehearsal Schedule

Starting November 5, Kids Kindergarten- Grade 5 are encouraged to come rehearse every Sunday until Christmas.

Dec 3- 11:15-noon
Dec 10- 11:15-Noon
*Dec 10- 12:30-2:30pm- Lunch served*
Dec 14- 6:30-8:00pm
Dec 16- Dress Rehearsal 10:30-Noon
Dec 17- 11:15-Noon
Dec 17- Arrive at church for 6pm, Musical starts at 6:30pm

Drama Rehearsals

If your child is part of the drama portion of the musical we will be meeting Thursday's 6:15-7pm. If your child is in Grade 4 or 5 and is interested in a speaking part please indicate that on the form provided. Extra rehearsals-
Nov 30 6:15-7pm
Dec 7 6-7pm
Dec 10 12:30-2:30
Dec 11 Tech Rehearsal 6-8pm
Dec 14 6:30-8:00pm
Dec 16 Dress Rehearsal 10am-Noon

Cathy Rempel

Christmas Musical Director