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Our hope is that we will Meet God, Love God and Serve God.

The mission of NKMB Church is to Meet God, Love God, Serve God. We are a people on a journey toward God and each of the three parts of our mission is necessary to move us along this journey. Our starting point is Jesus Christ. We celebrate the grace and love of God that is revealed in Jesus Christ. “God proves His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.” 

To know Jesus and make Jesus known   

We live that mission out by Emphasizing…

Jesus - Jesus is the point of the Bible; we point everything we do back to him.

Gospel - for forgiveness, life change and joy, we depend on what God has done for us and not what we have done for God.

Bible - we teach the Bible as it is for people as they are.

Community - because of Jesus, we are part of an extended family and as a family we help each other out in life, in faith, in joy and in sorrow.

Mission - Jesus calls us to love people not just with words but actions.



9:30 am


11 am

Our Hope is…

Knowing that we still have a long way to go to become like Jesus, and need a lot of God’s grace and forgiveness along the way, we are a Church striving to become people who are known to be… 

Loving. Forgiving. Faithful. Humble. 

Generous. Honest. Truthful. Biblical.


We'd love to meet you!

Location: 1315 Gateway Road, Winnipeg, MB, Canada R2G 1G5

Phone: 204-985-6050

Email: info@nkmb.org

Sunday Service: 11 am

Sunday School + German Service: 9:30 am