Nicaragua Mission Project

Help renovate classrooms at NKMB’s partner school in Nicaragua so children can learn in a safe environment

Thanks to the generosity of kind and caring NKMBers like you, together we have helped the MLK School in Nicaragua double in size during the last few years.

That means twice as many children as before had a chance to get into a classroom to get a quality, Christ-centred education.

Now, one of the buildings is in desperate need of repair. 

While NKMB has built many new classrooms, the original building has been deteriorating and needs to be fixed up for the safety of the children. 

That’s why you’re needed right now.

Together, we are committing to renovate the building by fixing the roof, installing new electrical, and replacing broken furnishings. 

We have a goal of raising $7,000 for the renovations.  

When you give, you’ll be joining your fellow church members in helping boys and girls born into poverty develop their God-given potential.

If you can help, and want to help, please give generously to help our partner school be the hands and feet of Jesus for children living in poverty.