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Sincere Condolences to Charlotte Friesen after the passing of her son-in-law, Michael Parker, on November 27

Contribution Statements are in your church mailbox. If you don’t have a church mailbox they will be mailed to you

Interested in joining a small group? Click here for more information.

Nicaragua Service Trip: After suspending the annual NKMB trip for two years, it’s time to go visit our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua again! On March 18th – 27th, 2023 we will send a team to Nicaragua. Click here to learn more.

Breakfast Cart Fundraiser: We are collecting non-perishable NUT FREE breakfast foods for Salisbury Morse Place School Breakfast Cart. Your donations can be placed in the donation baskets in the foyer on Sunday Morning.

Sponsorship Update:  Exciting news! Gifty and the children will leave Danane on December 2. They will have 2 days of orientation to life in Canada while in Abidjan. Then they will fly to Toronto on December 6 to overnight there, and arrive in Winnipeg on December 7!
If anyone has a small Christmas tree and decorations they are willing to donate to this family please contact the church office

Everyone is invited to celebrate Gifty’s arrival with coffee and dainties on Sunday December 11 at 11:15am. If you are willing or able to bake or bring something to share please contact Tanya Boge

For access to the world’s largest library of video-driven Bible Study resources, click here

Community Roots Resource Centre (CRRC) has 3 opportunities for you to spread love this Christmas season!
1) Winterwear donations of new or lightly used items (gloves, mitts, touques, neck warmers) can be dropped off at the church office
2) Winter Extravaganza Toy Store, Saturday, December 10 from 10am-2pm. Toy donations and volunteers are needed. Toys can be dropped off at the church office before December 9. Text or call Laura Jackson at 431-554-7143 for information or to sign up
3) Winter Extravaganza Celebration Dinner, Friday, December 16 at 5pm and 7pm! Join your neighbours for a holiday meal. Registration is required. Volunteers are needed! Text or call Laura Jackson at 431-554-7143 for information or to sign up
If you have any questions about CRRC, connect with RuthAnn Goodman for details. Thank you for your ongoing support!

December 4 Bulletin

November 27 Bulletin

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Weekly Prayer Items

• for Maria Didzun, Elisabeth Dirks, Irmgard Pauls, Elizabeth Redekopp and Tina Warkentin in Bethania PC Home
• for Gifty and her children as they get used to living in Winnipeg. Travel and change are difficult so please pray for the peace and love of Jesus to surround them in this time of transition
• for families in this Christmas season, to guard them from sickness and give them joy and thankfulness as we look towards the birth of Jesus our Saviour
• for more Children’s Ministry Volunteers so that we can continue to share the Gospel of Jesus with Kids!
• for Siloam Mission as they care and provide shelter to the homeless in Winnipeg. That they would have opportunities to share the Gospel in this Christmas season
• for the Kids of Winnipeg that they would have an opportunity to hear about Jesus’ birth and what He has done for them!
• for resilience to be good neighbours and show grace to others for whom Christmas time is not a happy time

If you would like prayer, please email the prayer team: nkmbprayer@gmail.com or call the church office or one of the pastors if you are in need

If you would like to join the prayer team/email chain, in praying for the requests submitted by email, please submit your name & email to nkmbprayer@gmail.com to be added to the list

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