At NKMB we run entirely on the financial support of our faith community.

If you would like to support our church ministries, please consider making a donation in one of the following ways:


To donate by cash or cheque, please drop it off at the church office between 8am - 4pm Monday to Friday.


Give securely and quickly online via credit card or through your financial institution via Paypal.

(Paypal account not required for credit card transactions)


You can e-transfer us at ""
We have changed how we process these as you no longer need a security question or password, it is instant and automatic.
There is a box that asks you to confirm that it is now an automatic debit to the church account. This box must be checked

Pre-authorized payments – complete this pre-authorized debit form and return it to the church office with a void cheque

Offering since last week: $9,504

Roof Project Goal: $70,000

Roof Donations to date: $54,806